‘Adopt-a-Grandparent’ program

No one should have to feel alone. Calling all volunteers! Blueforce Living is very pleased to announce our newest initiative: Adopt-a-Grandparent.

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Our Services

We could all use a Personal Assistant. Sometimes we think of support services as someone helping us out of bed or organizing medicine—and we do that too—but personal support is about making your life easier in every way.Learn more
Some of our valued clients require more personal support services than others. Hey, who wouldn’t want a personal assistant around every day? We offer extended services that can help with all the little necessities in a day.Learn more
Some clients would prefer to have their personal assistant available at all times. For these clients we have a special placement service to find them the perfect live-in caregiver. Utilizing our advanced personality and needs matching systems we find live-in caregivers that feel like friends or even family.Learn more

A La Carte Services

Here at Blueforce Living we know that our client’s needs vary. We strive to offer every service to make your life easier, and so we created the industry-leading a la carte service to help you bring the skilled professionals you want to your home. 

This includes:
  • Talented Hairdressers
  • Aestheticians
  • Physical Therapists
  • Interior Designers
  • And almost every other service you can think of

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